Bullying is not big

& it's not clever

(in fact, if you're bullying you're acting small and stupid)

Bullying is wrong
What to do if you are being bullied or know of bullying going on...

Tell an adult or close friend.
Stay with your friends.
Avoid certain places.
Try not to lose your temper and stay calm.
Leave expensive items at home.
Don't brag about possessions.
Try to ignore name-calling but remember

Childline 24 hour helpline
0800 11 11

Anti-Bullying Campaign
020 7378 1446

9:30am - 5:00pm

Bullying is...deliberate hurtful behaviour that happens over a period of time.

It is not falling out with a friend or something that happens once or twice.

Spotting the signs...
  Not wanting to go to school, late home, avoiding lessons/days or taking different routes to school.
Unexpected cuts, bruises, headaches, tummy upsets.
Asking for extra money or sweets.
Seeming irritable, withdrawn or tired. Not sleeping well, nightmares, bed-wetting, weepy, loss of appetite, forgetfulness.
Not mixing with friends or other children.
What parents can do...
  Discuss calmly with child. Sympathise and reassure.
Find out names - regularity - places. If necessary advise children how to help themselves.
Encourage them to confide in a teacher. Report further incidents to the school. Work with the school and keep records.
Don't tell them to hit back!
Parentline Plus
Parent Advice Line
Free phone:
Tel 0808 800 2222


2 Grosvenor Gardens
Phone: 020 7730 3300

Kidscape is for the use of parents, guardians or concerned relatives and friends of bullied children.


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