Counter is a very flexible counting program which allows you to set up either one or two counters to count in different ways.

You can set the starting number and the step by which the counter increases, so at the simplest level you might set the counter to start at 0 and count in steps of 1.

The program also allows the setting of a step increment so you can start at 0 with a step of 2 and a step increment of 1 to produce the sequence: 0 2 5 9 14 20...

Other controls allow the speed of the counter to be adjusted and an audio signal to be set to show the changes to the units, tens, hundreds or thousands column.

Decimal numbers up to two decimal places can be used as can negative numbers.

You can choose to have a single counter displayed or two counters displayed side-by-side or vertically

This control bar allows you to select the number of counters displayed and how they appear on the screen. Checking the ‘Show Controls’ button allows you to choose whether or not to display the controls with the counter.

This control bar allows you to:
  • Start the counter
  • Stop the counter
  • Manually ‘step through’ the count
  • Restart the counter with the original settings

Clicking the ‘HELP’ button will show you an overview of what Counter does and provide details of how the controls operate.

This button allows you to select whether or not you want to use sound with the counter(s). It also allows you to choose whether you want sound to accompany changes to the units, tens, hundreds or thousands column(s)

This is the Counter display. Counter will display numbers from –9999 to 9999. It can also be set to display decimal numbers with two decimal places.

This button allows you to set the number from which the counter will start, the ‘Step’ by which the number will grow and the ‘Increment’ by which the step will increase as the count progresses.

These two buttons act like the ‘Memory’ buttons on a calculator. ‘MS’ allows you to store your settings to memory and ‘MR’ allows you to recall these original settings when required. This is very useful if you make a number of changes as you explore the way the counters operate.

These buttons allow you to choose whether or not one or two decimal places are displayed on the counter(s).

This button allows you to increase or decrease the speed of the counter.