Using ICT to support mathematics in primary schools

Function machine

This program simulates a function machine.

The MENU screen.

There are 8 single step operations and 5 two step operations to choose from, or you can click on ‘RANDOM’ to allow the computer to select from the choices.

Clicking on the ‘Function Machine Ideas’ button gives teachers some ideas for using FUNCTION MACHINES in mental/oral starters and in group activities.

Click on the orange button next to the function you want the user to practise.

These examples show the ‘Double’ function.

Once the function has been selected THE FUNCTION MACHINE screen appears.

Click in the ‘INPUT’ box.

The cursor appears.

Type in any number.

Click on the ‘ACTIVATE’ button.

The output is displayed in the ‘OUTPUT’ box.

The user repeats the process, using different numbers, as many times as necessary until the function has been identified.

There are other buttons at the bottom of the FUNCTION MACHINE screen

The user can check her/his answer by clicking on the arrow.

The function is displayed.

Clicking on the ‘CHOOSE’ button on the FUNCTION MACHINE screen takes the user to the ‘MENU’ screen whilst the ‘RANDOM’ button directly activates the random function.

Clicking on ‘CLEAR’ button will clear the displayed function. It does not clear the program.

Clicking on the ‘EXIT’ button will close the program.

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