Take Part consists of three on-screen films which show shapes being divided into halves, thirds or quarters.

The transitions of the shapes are made mainly through, rotation, reflection or shears.

Each shape movie has a number of segments within it and these can be selected easily and quickly using the control buttons and the track display numbers.

The movies can be stopped or slowed down at any time or they can be replayed again and again. Individual screens can be ‘captured’ and printed using the PRINT button.

The value of this program is best seen as a teacher demonstration tool used with the whole class or with a small group of children with the teacher asking questions about what is being displayed on the screen.

This is the viewing screen area for each movie. These screenshots are taken from the Thirds and Quarters movies.

This control bar is where you:

  • Select the movie to be played

  • Start/Stop the movie, play in slow motion or reply the movie from the beginning of the track

  • Manually choose the movie track to be viewed

  • Get Help or Print a screen from the movie

These are the buttons for selecting which movie you want to view:

HALF – has 7 tracks and shows a square being halved in different ways

THIRD – has 2 tracks and shows a triangle being divided into thirds in different ways

QUARTER – has 5 tracks and shows a square being divided into quarters in different ways

This button allows you to return quickly to the beginning of the very first track of each movie.

This button is the PLAY button. You will need to press PLAY to start each movie for the first time or after you have paused a movie.

This button allows you to replay the particular track you have previously selected.

This button allows you to pause a movie at any time when it is in motion. To resume playing you press the PLAY button.

This buttons allows you jump back to the beginning of the current track.

This button allows you to advance through the current track in slow motion.

This window displays the number of the current track being played. This counter will help you choose more easily the track you want to view.

These buttons help you advance forward or backwards through the track numbers to select the track you want to view.

This button freezes the movie that is currently being played and shows it in a separate window from where you can choose whether or not to print it out.

This button displays the HELP pages in a separate window on the screen.