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Download Scratch

Download Scratch 2:

Scratch Guides and Help

Scratch Interface (PDF)

Scratch 2 Getting Started (PDF)

Scratch Help for version 2 (including getting started guide / Scratch cards / Video Tutorials)

Downloaded version of Scratch 2 shows what every block does:
right click on a block and select help

Scratch blocks what they do (Word)

On first page click on see examples - Scratch starter projects:

Scratch Wiki

Scratch Other useful Information

New in Scratch 2 (Word)

How to use the new blocks in Scratch 2 (Word)

Scratch Jr

There is now a simpler version of Scratch for iPads called Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr Interface (PDF)

Scratch Jr Information (Web)

Lego WeDo and Scratch

The LEGO® WeDo™ Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool designed for ages 7–11. It allows users to design their own interactive machines, and then program them using drag-and-drop software like Scratch.

Advice from Simon Haughton (Web)

Information from Scratch Wiki (Web)

Scratch Lego WeDo Blocks (Web)

Information from Lego:
Introduction (Web)
Lego WeDo Software (Web)
Lego Shop (Web)


Scratch Cat

Scratch Activities and Plans

Scratch 2 Cards How to do 12 different actions in Scratch (PDF)
The above as individual cards (Web)

Scratch 2 Starter Projects All in one zip file (unzip for the software to recognise them) (Zip)

Scratch 2 Resources and Planning from Simon Haughton BEST (Web)

Scratch 1.4 Racing Game (Word)

Scratch 1.4 The Ghostly Woods (Word)

Scratch Projects for KS2 - this has it all BUT using v1.4 (Web)

Create a simple game, can you follow the instructions? Scratch 1.4 (Word)
Example Scratch file of above instructions (Scratch)

Super Scratch Programming Adventure - Resource for Scratch v 1.4 (PDF)
Latest version of above for Scratch 2 (Web)