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Overview of what needs to be taught in Computing KS2

Computing Introductory Document

Computing Aims, Purpose and Attainment statement (Word)

Key Stage 2 Attainment Targets

KS2 Attainment Targets: Children should be taught to, What it means, What do I need to teach, What resources can I use (Excel)

KS2 Attainment Targets mapped with other subjects (Excel)

All Key Stage Attainment Targets mapped together (Excel)

Computing Terms

Algorithm, What is it? (Word)

Terms used in Computing Curriculum Explained (Word)

Key Stage 2 Programmes of Study

*Programme of Study from Primary Curriculum (Word)

Programme of Study for KS2 from Naace and CAS (Word)

Learning Activities for KS2 based on above Programme of Study (Word)

Switched on ICT for Key Stage 2 (Word)

Networks and the Internet

Packet Riders Includes Peter Packet and Penny's Search.(Web)

Internet and Network Activities from the above site. (Web)

Internet the Network of Networks
Prezi Presentation (web, external link)
PDF explaining the above presentation (PDF)

Visual Map of the Internet (picture)

The End of the Internet (Web)

Programming / Coding / Algorithm - the basics for KS2

What is code?

Keep thinking Maths / pattern / sequence / specific instructions /
Logical reasoning

Remember shoes and socks / cooking instructions / Human robot

Plan an algorithm to create pattern in Unifix - Does it work? Get someone else to test it (make the pattern). Can you make it better / correct it? (debug)

Hardware, Software and Apps for Key Stage 2

Hardware, Software and Apps for Computing KS2 (Excel)

Useful Documents

Buying Pro-Bots (Web)

How to lock an iPad or iPod to a single app (Word)

2Simple 2Control NXT and Lego Mindstorm

2Control NXT Instructions (PDF)

Lego Mindstorm NXT instructions and DRIVER needed (Word)

2Control FAQ (PDF)

2Control NXT Videos (Web)

The latest Mindstorm - EV3 (Web)

The Mindstorms EV3 programming software, building instructions and apps (Web)

Note: calls programming 'computer science'.

Main page for coding courses (Web)

Creating a class at (Word)

Work through in this order:

  1. Intro Course / 20 Hours Intro Course (Web)
  2. Poss next: Frozen (Web)
  3. Course 2 (Web)
  4. Course 3 (Web)
  5. Course 4 (Web)

Key Stage 2 lesson plans for key apps (Word)

GarageBand training notes (PDF)

Share GarageBand Songs (Word)

Key Stage 2 Attainment Targets as Pie Chart

KS2 Pie Chart

Algorithms Poster

Algorithms Poster Link
Algorithms poster

Internet Poster

Internet Minute Poster Link
What happens in an Internet minute poster

Old Assessment 2012

Assessment List Ks 1 and 2 (Excel)

Assessment List Ks 3 and 4 (Excel)

Assessment List Ks 5 and 6 (Excel)

Bits and Pieces

QR Codes

QR Reader app - this reads and creates QR Codes (menu top left) (Free)

Create QR code for a website Make sure you select static (Web)

Create QR codes for a series of questions (minimum 5) (Web)

Information about QR Codes from BBC (Web)

50 ideas for using QR Codes in the classroom (Beware pop up adverts) (Web)

Resources for QR Codes (Web)

Use a Variety of Software (including Internet Services)

Blogging Information (Word)

Prezi - Presentation software online (Web)
Example of a Prezi (Web)

Prezi v PowerPoint Lesson Plans (Word)

Create an App

TouchDevelop Programming Create an app for Windows (Word)

TouchDevelop 5 Lessons, PowerPoints and Word docs. (Zip)

Purple Mash

Purple Mash includes 2Code (Web)

Information about Purple Mash (Web)


Kodu Websites and brief information (Word)

Kodu Basic Tutorial (web)


Kodu first tutorial as a Kodu file (web)

Help and Resources for teaching Kodu (web)

Kodu Tutorials on You Tube from Porchester Junior using xbox (web)


Python Scheme of work for Upper KS2 (Word)

Python Information, Guides etc. (web)