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Project files :

Hartlepool Interactive Project Case Studies
Please save this to your computer. The file is 38MB in size so will take several minutes to download.
There are over 200 case studies from the project. These can be used publicly.

Final report
including voting statistics
100% felt that the project was useful.


About the Project :

In September 2006 45 teachers, mostly from different Schools in Hartlepool, were given Promethean Activstudio, Activprimary, Activote and an Activslate by Hartlepool CLC.

The project lasted a year and completed in November 2007.
In the final brief report (above) you will find the results of this project were a resounding success and see the many instances of Activote being used.

People involved in the Project :

For Promethean:
Rupert Collins
Michael Tulip
John Self
Emma Leacy-Jones

For Hartlepool:
Colin Scott