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M.aD. Strategy Main Documents:

Making a Difference (MaD) - a project for young people.
First piloted in June 2007 in North East Lincolnshire.

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The strategy is currently being revised in line with its expansion (2012):
M.aD. in School
M.aD. in the Community
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Major Supporting / Linking Documents

The following documents were used in producing the M.aD. Strategy. The documents have been stored at in PDF format for easy access. The links all open in a new window.

NEL = North East Lincolnshire

See 'Reference Websites' opposite in bold for the latest live updates of linking Documents from the NEL website

NEL Making a Difference, Children and Young People's plan 2007 - 2010

NEL Children and Young People's Plan 2007 - 2010 chart
This chart shows the main priorities

NEL Needs Assessment 2007-8 for the Children and Young People's Plan 2007 -2010

NEL 14-19 Strategy for Learning

Change4Children Partnership Strategy Summary

Health Profile of NEL (with maps)

Humberside Police Plan 2007

Neighbourhood Policing Leaflet

NEL Safer Communities Strategy 2005-2008

NEL Safer and Stronger Communities Fund

Map of Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Map of NEL very large scale (slow to load)

Other Linking Documents

NEL Adolescent Lifestyle Report 2004

NEL Needs Assessment 2005

NEL Primary Care Trust Profile

Youth Justice Plan 2006-7 (Word document)

Alcohol Needs Assessment (National Document)

NEL Inspection of Youth Offending Team 2007

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Reference Websites

The following websites were used in producing the M.aD. Strategy
Each will open in a new window

Please note:
As this strategy was concieved in 2007 some of these links now no longer exist Making a Difference, Children and Young people's plan 2007 - 2010 Linking documents to the above plan and the M.aD. Strategy Joint Area Review (JAR) - Holds summaries and inspections for North East Lincolnshire Council's JAR and Enhanced Youth Inspection Reports were published by Ofsted on 15th May 2007 You can view a copy of these reports or the Children and Young People's report on Ofsted's website by clicking here .

The Youth Offending Inspection Report was published on 9th May 2007 .  You can view a copy of the report on Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation website by clicking here. Young People Services Youth Bank Hear by Right VANEL - Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) works with the local voluntary, not-for-profit and charitable sectors to help develop projects which address local needs. Contains summary report VANEL actual site Education and Skills In Your Area - Local Authority : North East Lincolnshire – mapping School performance tables NEL School performance at KS3 NEL School performance at GCSE or equivalent NEL Post 16 performance tables Local Authorities main site Teenage Pregnancy Strategy or before: Health Safer Communities – statistics Humberside Neighbourhood Watch Drug & Alcohol Action Team Humberside Police Humberside Police 'A' Division ( North East Lincolnshire) Humberside Police Authority Humberside Fire and Rescue Service

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