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You can protect your child on any device that goes online at home or anywhere else.

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Information about Internet Providers Protection

All Internet providers offer protection for children. Make sure this is on.

Usually you are provided with a username and password to access your account. Within this there should be a means to turn child protection / parent control on.

This will protect all devices while your child is at home using your wifi / Internet connection.

How to protect individual devices:

To protect your child when not at home and to give additional protection:

All devices (phones / tablets / laptops) have settings to protect children.

Protect iPads, iPods, iPhones:
Protection is in Settings, General then Restrictions. As well as protecting your child you can stop in app purchases.

Protect Android devices - anything that isn't an Apple device like Samsung phones (phones, tablets):
These apps can be downloaded from the Play Store:

1. Google Family Link app
You can use Family Link to do things like:
Change some of your child's Google Account settings.
Manage your child's apps on supervised devices.
Decide which apps your child can download or purchase, block or allow apps, and change app permissions.
Manage your child's screen time on supervised devices.
Set a bedtime or daily screen limits, and see how much time your child spends on certain apps.
Check your child's Android device location.
Restrict mature content on Google Play.

You control this by having the app on your device (e.g. Smartphone) which controls your child's device.
See Getting Started with Family Link

2. Kids Place Parental Control app (Paid app)
Very good for young children. Creates an area with only apps you have chosen in it.
You can manage your kid's screen time, lock samsung, realme, oppo, & other android apps, set time limit on app usage, & website control.

Protect Kindle: Parent Dashboard

Protect games devices from ESRB:
Guides to parent controls for different games devices

Windows 10 Microsoft Family Safety

Internet Matters .org have provided a number of guides to protect your child on different devices including iPhones, Samsung devices, games devices and laptops / computers. Guides

HELP Information
by Rupert Collins
for parents and carers to help protect your child online

Keeping Safe Videos (via

These videos were created by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection)


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Useful Websites:

Information for parents:
Think U Know CEOP information for Parents
Really useful detailed information.

Websites used in school for eSafety (safety on the Internet):

Think U Know: This is an excellent site with lots of eSafety information for pupils, staff and parents