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Computing Curriculum will help you with your transition from ICT to Computing. You have until September 2014 to put the new curriculum in place.

There are many elements of the current ICT within Computing. Computing Curriculum will highlight these and also highlight where technology can enhance learning in other subjects.

Technology is a tool to be used alongside other learning and teaching tools. The new Computing Curriculum covers more than just this.

The strand of the new Computing Curriculum causing the most concern is programming. Schools are concerned when reading the first sentence of Key Stage 1 Subject Content of Computing Program of Study:

‘understand what algorithms are’

Computing Curriculum provides the courses and information you need to make sure you can deliver all the strands of the new Computing Programmes of Study. The emphasis in the new curriculum is computer science and programming.

See Courses for further help.

Naace (the ICT Association) and CAS (Computing at School) have issued joint guidance for Computing in the new National Curriculum for 2014
The guidance is here
Please note this is a working document, changes and additions will be made.