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Updated 22/03/16

TV Websites CBBC CITV The Cartoon Network Nickelodeon The younger version of the Nickelodeon Milkshake!

Character Websites The official Roald Dahl website The Official Looney Tunes website Bob the Builder Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends The Pokemon site The Beano site Disney

Harry Potter Websites Harry Potter - the official book site Harry Potter - the official film site Unofficial Harry Potter Guide  The Harry Potter Lexicon - reference

Fun Websites Fun for up to 10 year olds, also a special section for up to 6 year olds Speak & Spell game based on the old Texas Instruments machine Rubik's cube Fun and games Games for younger children - games linked to shows on The Discovery Channel educational games to help children explore their minds and exercise their imagination Do a virtual jigsaw

Games Websites

Most games on game websites now have adverts at the beginning. Look for 'Skip this advert' or 'go straight to game'. Some websites ask you to sign up in most cases you do not need to. You should not give out personal information. How good are you with a mouse - A game - you have to round the sheep up into a pen using the mouse!