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Updated 19/03/16

General BBC Key Stage 1 Geography BBC Key Stage 2 Geography Key Stage 1 Geography activities from Topmarks Key Stage 2 Geography activities from Topmarks Geography activities from Primary Resources BBC Newsround - Child friendly news from around the world BBC News News and Newspapers from around the world Look at different parts of the World, different environments including water, dry land etc. Physical Geography from Geography 4 Kids UK National Statistics

Maps and Aerial Photos Aerial photos from around the region of Humberside from 1996. Over 100 copyright free photos. Google Maps - very clear maps with satellite view option Google Earth - downloadable mapping and photo program Bing Maps - similar service to Google maps Mapquest - another online mapping service Streetmap - another online mapping service Ordinance Survey Maps, there is also an education section. Very detailed World Maps

Weather BBC Weather Centre The weather around the world The Weather for Grimsby from the above site The Met Office - weather The Met Office weather satellite pictures for UK The Met Office weather satellite pictures for the World Weather education site The Weather Channel

Places An on-line resource teaching children about different places around the world - updated regularly, you can also access back issues of the website Take a tour of England from the BBC via webcams Virtual tourist Find out about London Virtual Bangladesh All about India from Snaith Primary

Villages Village life in Cornwall from the BBC Villages Online - thousands of villages listed Irish and British Villages - a long list British Towns and Villages Network InfoBritain - Travel through History - Villages

St. Lucia St. Lucia Tourist Board

Water and Rivers The Water Cycle All about water Information on canals and rivers in the UK All about the River Trent

Mountains and Volcanoes all about volcanoes Volcanoes

Wildlife A virtual representation of the Discovery Centre in Cleethorpes consisting of images and text about animals, insects and the beach Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust WWF - World Wide Fund All about preserving Tigers