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Updated 17/03/16

General BBC Key Stage 1 Science BBC Key Stage 2 Science Science activities from Primary Resources Key Sage 1 Science activities from Topmarks Key Sage 2 Science activities from Topmarks Planet Science Science Museum Natural History Museum Hundreds of free Science Education Resources Lots of Science activities Science section of How Stuff Works The Why Files - science behind the news

Living Things Young People's Trust for the Environment - Lots of information about the environment The Great Plant Escape - the mystery of plant life
Human Body The Inner Human Body A virtual heart The brain and nervous system

Natural Science Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust - our local environmental organisation with lots of places to visit The Learning Zone from Oxford University Museum of Natural History National Geographic Kids Arctic Studies Centre All about whale

Light Light Year 3 Light Year 6

Space including NASA websites NASA Home Page - the whole site is huge NASA site for Key Stage 1 NASA site for Key Stage 2 NASA Kids Club NASA Pictures, video and sound Space flight information from NASA Astronomy - picture of the day Star Child - for young astronomers The Hubble Space Telescope section of the NASA site Hubble Space Telescope including lots of photos The Nine Planets - Tour of the Universe via: all about the moon Amazing Space Information from the National Schools' Observatory