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Aims and objectives
This activity takes children on a trip around some familiar places in their homes and neighbourhood. The aim of the activity is to encourage children to consider where it is safe to play and where it is not.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required however some familiarity with basic road safety would be useful.

In the classroom
The journey to each location takes place along a route with reminders about safe use of the road. The activity can be used to encourage talk about what the children see in the pictures and to explore and reinforce the notions of safe places. It can be used as a whole class activity or by small groups of children as a shared reading opportunity. Adult support with the activity would be beneficial to aid and encourage constructive talk.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The safe_places.pdf can be used for children to draw pictures of safe and unsafe places and annotate them with their chosen keywords. It would be useful if adult support is available to scribe what the children wish to say if working with younger pupils. In addition to the smaller templates, there are two additional ones which can be printed onto acetate and used with an OHP. These templates have space to provide a drawing of (un)safe places together with space for words to be added. These are aimed at teacher-lead work where pupils might be encouraged to talk and discuss the themes and issues. safe_places.pdf

Curriculum references
PSHE & Citizenship – KS1:
3g; 5d, h

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