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Aims and objectives
This activity gives children the opportunity to sort and match sets of common objects as an introduction to numbers and calculating.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required as this resource starts at a very basic introductory level working up to quite advanced skills. This allows teachers to enter the resource at a level appropriate to the children’s needs.

In the classroom
Children can work in groups or as individuals matching sets of common objects. After a series of objects have been matched correctly two objects, which can be paired, are displayed e.g. a 'key' and a 'lock'. Adults can help develop children's understanding by asking "What goes with the key?" and "Why is that?"

From the start screen click on a hat. There is a 2 by 2 grid, a 2 by 4 grid and a 4 by 4 grid. Switching between levels is done by clicking on one of the hats. The number of stars on each hat can be used to distinguish the levels.

Object cards and object pair cards can be downloaded and printed for sorting and matching activities (see ‘worksheet’ below).

This activity works really well with an interactive whiteboard for larger groups or whole class teaching. Children can be encouraged to physically participate in the activities and talk about the choices they make. Open discussion in the class helps children make sense of the activity and provides a platform for teachers to develop speaking and listening as well as the underlying mathematics.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The maths_magic.pdf contains sets of matching pictures which can be printed out onto stiff paper, laminated and used for matching and sorting games. maths_magic.pdf

Curriculum references
Foundation Stage:
Early learning goals for calculating

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