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Aims and objectives
This is an excellent activity for parents and carers to use with their children. The aim is to let parents know that they can do maths and literacy activities with their children without the need for special equipment. In fact parents can develop their child's awareness of numeracy and literacy in the environment when they are on the way to school.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is needed

In the classroom
This activity is available in three languages; Urdu, Bengali and English. Clicking on the language buttons replaces the text on the start screen and throughout the activity pages. There is an English version, Urdu version and a Bengali version. The default version is the Bengali version.

From the start screen select 'Bengali', 'English' or 'Urdu' then choose either 'Maths' or 'Literacy'. Scroll through the screens using the back and forward buttons.

Teachers and helpers can use the activity prior to taking the children outside on a mathematics or literacy trail. This activity can also work well with larger groups of children with an interactive whiteboard as a means to promote talk.

Curriculum references
Early learning goals for language for communication
Early learning goals for linking sounds and letters
Early learning goals for numbers as labels and for counting
Early learning goals for calculating
Early learning goals for shape, space and measures

English - KS1:
En1 1a-e; 2a-e

Mathematics – KS1:
Ma2 1e, f; 2a-c
Ma3 2a, b, d

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