Young Animals

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Aims and objectives
The aim of the activity is to help children understand that animals produce offspring and that these offspring grow into adults.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required for this activity.

In the classroom
This activity can be used to explore life processes and living things. Children can find different ways to sort the animals. All the adult animals could be grouped or all of the young animals. Children can print off their work and discuss it with the teacher.

'Click' on an animal and 'drag it' onto the field background. Animals can be removed from the background by 'clicking' and 'dragging' them to side. Children can print their work at any time by clicking on the 'print' button.

Encouraging children to talk about their choices and be active in the decision making process can be helped if the resource is used with an interactive whiteboard. Children can then be called to the screen and ‘grab’ the animals to move them around the workspace.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The worksheet contains a set of picture cards of all the animals shown in the activity. These can be printed onto stiff paper, laminated and used to develop further sorting and matching activities. young_animals.pdf

Curriculum references
Science – KS1:
Sc1 1b; 2f

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