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Aims and objectives
This activity can be used to support strands from the National Literacy Strategy at Key Stage 1 and introduce children to the development of character and creative writing.

Previous knowledge
Pupils should approach this activity with a basic understanding of ‘character’ although the differentiated worksheets included with the resource will support pupils with less knowledge.

In the classroom
This is a creative and imaginative activity which children can respond to using their senses. There are opportunities for children to observe, assess and re-do their art work. They will enjoy making their own monster sound effects and moving like monsters in imaginative and role play situations.

Roll the mouse over each pair of eyes to listen to the sound effects made by six different monsters lurking in a cave. Create a unique monster by clicking on a pair of monster eyes! When a monster appears in the swamp children can experiment with pattern, colour and texture by clicking on the flower the butterfly or the rock.

When ready, the children can create their monster by clicking on the sign post 'make monster'. monster. To print out the monster click on 'print screen' and 'paste' into a 'Word' or 'Publisher' document. Trying to print from the browser may take several minutes.

Children can use the worksheets attached to this activity to build simple profiles of characters linked to stories they have read, describing characteristics and appearances with pictures, single words, captions and sentences. Ask children to create their own monster linked to a story and print it out.

Use with an interactive whiteboard for large group or whole class teaching the resource can be used to stimulate and develop talk and classroom discussion amongst the children.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The Foundation Stage make_a_monster.pdf can be used for children to draw a picture of their own monster while the KS1 make_a_monster_literacy.pdf provides additional space for pupils to write about their monster.



Curriculum references
Foundation Stage:
Early learning goals for language for thinking
Early learning goals for writing

English – KS1:

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