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Aims and objectives
This activity helps pupils practice their spelling abilities by listening to words then having to spell them correctly in order to play a game similar to ‘noughts and crosses’. The activity uses words based on the digraphs: 'ch', 'sh', 'oo' and 'th'.

Previous knowledge
Pupils should be familiar with hearing words which use the digraphs 'ch', 'sh', 'oo' and 'th'. It would also be beneficial if they’d had opportunities to see these words written down and had practice in writing them. The worksheets will provide teachers with a list of words together with illustrated prompts to support this process.

In the classroom
This fun activity can be used to develop and assess pupils' spelling abilities. Once the pupil has entered their name a 'help' screen gives full instructions on how to use the activity. This activity uses sounds and it is essential that this facility is enabled on your PC.

This game is based on 'noughts and crosses'. The difference is that to play the game pupils have to answer 'spelling' questions - make sure the speakers are switched on (or headphones are available) so they can hear the words being spoken! There are four sets of words based on 'ch', 'sh', 'oo' and 'th' digraphs. A random version draws from all four sets of words.

Pupils would normally use the resource independently or maybe in pairs by turn taking. However, as the resource uses sound and is entirely interactive, it could also be used with an interactive whiteboard with pupils suggesting how words should be spelt then being called up to enter the letters. There is also the added element with the activity which is developing strategies problem solving.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The first noughts_and_spelling_digraph.pdf contains a full list of all the words used in the activity, sorted by digraph – a useful reference aid for teachers.

The second noughts_and_spelling.pdf contains two sets of pictures for each of the four digraphs (eight in all). These can be printed out onto stiff paper, laminated and used as either teaching prompts or for display purposes.



Curriculum references
English – KS1:
En2 1a, c, e
En3 2a; 4b, c, d, e

English – KS2:
En3 4a, b, c

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