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Aims and objectives
This resource contains a selection of illustrated traditional tales from around the world together with supporting activities to meet some of the requirements of the National Literacy Strategy.

Previous knowledge
Each story and set of activities are self-contained and so should not need any prior knowledge.

In the classroom
Every pupil in the country is now required to study traditional tales and fairy stories. In addition, the Literacy Strategy places great emphasis on sequencing, characters and story settings.

This activity aims to help teachers by providing downloadable story texts, illustrations and accompanying resources. The downloadable resources are Word documents which allow the teacher to adapt them according to the needs of the pupils. The worksheets can either be printed off and used in the classroom or pupils can complete them on the computer.

The stories can be read online by small groups of children as group reading activities or used for whole class teaching with an interactive whiteboard. The exception to this is the story, ‘Rani the elephant’ which is an audio as well as written story. The audio is available in English, Urdu and Gujurati.

For each story there are a set of downloadable worksheets. These are in MS Word format so that pupils can either work online or the files can be printed off for completing away from the computer. The worksheets meet the following NLS requirements:

Character (Year 1, Term 2, Text Level 15)
Setting (Year 1, Term 2, Text Level 16)
Sequencing (Year 1, Term 2, Text Level 14)

Illustrations – These worksheets contain sets of illustrations taken from the stories which can be copied and pasted by children and used to illustrate their won stories.

Line drawings – These are similar to the illustrations except they are outline drawings and so can be printed off and used by children to colour in.

Story text – These files contain the full text of the story, a useful teacher resource for either reading in the class or for editing to make further activities (e.g. removing punctuation etc.)

Curriculum references
English - KS1:
En3 1a-f; 2a-d; 3a-c; 7a-c; 9b; 12

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