Passengers on the Bus

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Aims and objectives
The pupils will understand the operation of addition. They will begin to use and read the appropriate vocabulary.

Previous knowledge
Pupils can relate addition to counting on. They are starting to relate addition to combining two groups of objects.

In the classroom
When the bus comes to a stop, the horn beeps and the passengers fall off. A sentence appears at the top of the screen saying, "Read the Number Sentence." Pupils clicking on this will hear the number sentence on the bus being read out. As there are no passengers on either the top or bottom of the bus, the pupils will hear and see the number sentence "0+0=0" Pupils can then drag and drop the passengers onto the bus to make different number sentences. All of these can be read out.

The beauty of this activity is the numerous ways that it can be used by the teacher. Pupils will be more than happy to "play" around with the faces and listen to the number sentences on their own. Ideally, the teacher or helper will be sitting with the pupil, asking them to make different number sentences. If a whole-class computer suite is available, the teacher can ask pupils to make a given number. Pupils can then print out their buses and compare them with the rest of the class to see how many different ways the number was made. These print outs can be the basis for a colourful, informative display.

Children can have great fun using this activity with an interactive whiteboard. Using their hands they can drag and drop the characters onto the bus while their peers give advice or read out aloud the resultant number sentences. Teachers find this to be an excellent way in which to introduce addition to a whole class in a familiar context.

Curriculum references

Numeracy Strategy - Reception:
· Say and use the number names in order in familiar contexts
· Count reliably up to 10 everyday objects
· Recognise numerals 1 to 9
· In practical activities and discussion, begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding or subtracting
· Begin to relate addition to combining two groups of objects…

Numeracy Strategy – Year 1:
· Understand the operation of addition… and use the related vocabulary
· Know by heart all pairs of numbers with a total of 10

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