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Aims and objectives
The activity aims to allow children to understand the importance of non-verbal gestures in communication and to explore how people with limited verbal ability can still be effective communicators.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required for this activity.

In the classroom
A series of 'non-verbal' animations need to be matched to an appropriate statement. This activity works really well if used with an interactive whiteboard. As a ‘whole’ class resource this will stimulate discussion and support the development of children’s awareness of people who may be less able than themselves.

Support materials description: Resources type:
This resource is partnered with the activity, ‘Finger Spelling’.

The gestures.pdf contains a set of images taken from the activity which can be printed for use as individual worksheets or, when printed onto stiff card and laminated, used with a dry marker pen as a general teaching resource.

Curriculum references
PSHE/Citizenship – KS1/2:
4a, d, e, f, g

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