Teddy’s Day Out

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Aims and objectives
This activity is designed to help children gain an understanding of the different signs and symbols used by the six major faiths through a variety of artefacts.

Previous knowledge
Children will need to have had some experience of at least one of the faiths. To help pupils with their understanding, it is recommended that other activities such as ‘Holy books’, ‘Sacred places’ and ‘Sacred sites’ be explored as well.

In the classroom
The activity is 'drag and drop' based. The pupil(s) makes a choice as to which faith they would like Teddy to be. They are then faced with a number of artefacts. Some of them relate to the chosen faith and others don't. The task is for the pupil(s) to match the correct images to the faith.

Teddy's Day Out works best when the pupil(s) are able to discuss what they see and explain their choices. The activity is therefore useful for whole class teaching with an interactive whiteboard or small supervised group work.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The teddys_day_out.pdf is a basic text and image placeholder template for printing for classroom use. In addition, there are individual worksheets containing images of artefacts representing each of the faiths:

· Buddhism
· Christianity
· Sikhism
· Hinduism
· Islam
· Judaism

Curriculum references
As this is an RE resource, there are no curriculum references for this activity. Teachers will need to relate the learning objectives to their own LEA’s agreed syllabus as appropriate.

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