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Aims and objectives
This activity is intended to support the literacy hour and consists of a punctuation, spelling and ‘better words’ exercise linked to a small piece of text. The activity is not designed to be delivered exclusively at the computer – pupils complete the exercises, print out their results and discuss them with their teacher for checking and assessment.

Previous knowledge
Pupils ought to have an understanding of common punctuation i.e. capital letters, commas and full stops. They should also have a reasonable sight vocabulary however as there is no right or wrong answers to this activity then previous knowledge is not that important. Any errors or lack of understanding will be highlighted when the pupil prints out their results and discusses them with their teacher.

In the classroom
Children should read the 'My Perfect Place' story. They can then do any one (or more) of the three exercises. They will need to read the instructions carefully and then enter their name in a registration box before starting the activity. This ensures that their name is on the final printed result of the exercise. There is no reason why groups of children shouldn't enter their names if they are collaborating in the activity. For the 'Better Words' activity you might encourage the children to use a Thesaurus.

The resource can be used with an interactive whiteboard to stimulate class discussions. This would work well as both an introduction to a lesson or as part of a plenary session.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The my_perfect_place.pdf contains the text to the story. The first page is fully punctuated while the second page contains no punctuation or capital letters. The second page can be printed out as a paper-based worksheet for pupils to amend or printed onto an acetate for use with an OHP and dry marker pens. my_perfect_place.pdf

Curriculum references
English – KS2:
En2 1b, c, d; 4a, b
En3 1b; 3; 4c, f

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