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Aims and objectives
This complete set of interactive activities introduces students to rivers and bridges. They will find out how the water cycle works and, as well as going on a guided tour of a river system, they also will learn about bridge types and their construction.

Previous knowledge
Students will need to have a basic understanding of how to read maps and an awareness of river systems. Some background information relating to bridges and their construction would be advantageous.

In the classroom
This activity takes students on an interactive tour of rivers and bridges in and around the Hull area. The tour is divided into 2 sections: Rivers and Bridges.

In the Rivers section, the students are presented with an interactive tour of a river system which extends the students’ geographical vocabulary. They can then test what they have learned by taking the River System Test. They can learn how the water cycle works and relate this to the rivers in their local area. This information on the local area will provide a bridge between the classroom and the real world. There are three tasks that will encourage independent research. These tasks, together with outline maps of the UK and the local area, are all printable.

In the Bridges section, the students are guided through the different types and construction of bridges. There are fact files for use in independent research on local bridges. Whilst carrying out the Types of Bridge activity, they can also complete the Timeline activity.

Both sections have a fun quiz in which the students can test their knowledge of river systems and bridges. The Rivers Quiz consists of 10 questions and the Bridges Quiz tests knowledge of different types of bridge using photographs of local bridges.

The Rivers and Bridges activity can be used in the classroom as part of a Geography or Science scheme of work based around a topic on the local area. The water cycle activity in the Rivers section is suitable for use at KS2 and above and the other activities can be used at KS3. Students could work on the tasks individually or in groups. The class could be divided so that one group researches bridges and the other rivers, and the work is shared later in discussion. The Rivers activities can be carried out in the classroom and the tasks could then be used as a homework activity. The inclusion of photographs, technical details and grid references can support field trips to the locations in the activity. This could also be used as the basis for a Design and Technology activity where the pupils make their own bridges using the knowledge they have acquired.

Support materials description: Resource type:
There is also a sample Scheme of Work covering the Water Cycle available. Included are medium term plans and lesson plans for use in the classroom, a suggested book list and additional web links. Notes.htm

Curriculum references
KS2 Geography 1a 2acdfg 3ab 4b 6ac
KS2 Science Sc1 Sc3 2e
KS2 History 4a 7
KS3 Geography 1a 2acdfg 3ac 4ab 6d(ii) 7ab
KS3 Science Sc1 Sc4 2befg

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