Boudicca’s Revolt

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Aims and objectives
This resource contains the ‘factual’ story of Boudicca’s revolt but seen through the eyes of four different characters. The aim of the resource is to provide pupils with an opportunity to develop historical enquiry skills and explore bias. They are encouraged to form their own interpretations of the events and present/argue their case to other members of the class.

Previous knowledge
It would be useful to place the activity into an historical context prior to its use in the classroom. As it supports the study of the Romans, pupils would benefit from a brief introduction to the Romans’ arrival in Britain and a supporting chronology/timeline.

In the classroom
This is an interactive story about Boudicca's Revolt but seen through the eyes of four different characters; Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni), Tosutigas (a Celtic farmer), Marcus (a Roman soldier) and Suetonius (the Governor of Britain).

Through this story there is an opportunity to explore the key skills of historical enquiry and interpretation. The story provides four different versions of events giving pupils the chance to consider the different viewpoints. An example of a classroom activity could be by splitting the class into four groups, each group tracking a specific version of events. By bringing the pupils together once they have investigated the material, a debate could be chaired whereby each group presents their findings and argues for their chosen character's beliefs and actions.

The story can be used as part of an existing scheme to enhance pupils' understanding or could be used as a basis for a complete scheme on the Romans in Britain.

Parts of the text contain highlights which, when clicked on, provide additional background information and links to other useful sites. At the end of each 'chapter' there are a number of suggested activities for pupils to either consider for further exploration in the classroom or to complete 'online'. All online activities allow a print to be made for teacher review and assessment.

Support materials description: Resources type:
At the end of each of the sections of the activity (or accessed directly from the main menu) is a set of 30 ideas for activities that can either be used in the classroom or for home learning. Many of these activities are cross-curricular and virtually all of them can be integrated into ‘Literacy Hour’.

The boudicca.pdf contains a set of line drawings taken from the activity. Primarily they can be used by pupils as starting points to support work in the classroom described in the activities section of the resource (writing biographies, diary entries, creating newspapers etc.) or, less importantly, colouring in the illustrations for display purposes or as a wet play activity.


Curriculum references
History – KS2:
1a, b; 2a-d; 3; 4a, b; 5a-c; 8a; 9

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