Brief Encounter with Aston Hall

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Aims and objectives
This resource will provide pupils with an understanding of what life was like in a country house during the Tudor/Stuart period.

Previous knowledge
It would be useful if pupils approached the activity with a broad awareness of this period in history i.e. the chronology, monarchs and some point of context. A timeline could also be a useful starting point.

In the classroom
The resource takes the form of an interactive book - turning the pages of the tour reveals information about the Hall's history as well as providing interesting background detail about the exhibits and artefacts on display.

Although the resource works well with individual users or small groups working collaboratively, if an interactive whiteboard is available, this can be used to encourage whole class discussion around broader historical issues.

At the end of the tour there are a series of questions which can be used for evaluation or assessment purposes.

Support materials description: Resources type:
Although this resource is best used to support an actual visit to Aston Hall, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery has a narrated video tour of the house, ‘virtual reality’ renderings of the main rooms and an illustrated history of the building and family.

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Curriculum references
History KS2:
2a, b; 4a; 5b; 8a; 10

History KS3:
2b, c; 4a; 7b; 9

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