Place Value (Primary)

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Aims and objectives
This activity supports the understanding and development of number and place value in both integers and decimals up to 3 places.

Previous knowledge
Pupils should have some familiarity with the number system beyond 10 although as the resource can be tailored to suit individual or group needs then the activity can be set as easy or as hard as is required.

In the classroom
Start by selecting the type and range of numbers you want pupils to be tested on. This can be integers (whole numbers) or numbers with decimal places. Once you have chosen the type of number, select the range that you want the pupils to work with then click the 'Start' button.

Pupils are given a random target number that you have make up by clicking on the number columns. These columns represent units, tens, hundreds, thousands etc. depending on your original choice. You may find it useful to have a record of pupil performance for this exercise. The Print button will give you a print of the screen which also shows the number of correct answers for that activity. This not only provides a record of achievement but is also a useful diagnostic tool.

Using the worksheet on an OHP and, with a dry marker, circling numbers from the columns is an effective way of encouraging pupils to read out the numbers so that they can practice their vocabulary.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The place_value_charts.pdf contains a pair of place value charts which cover the numbers from 0.001 to 999,999.999. These can be printed out onto acetate and used with a dry marker on an OHP for whole class work or printed onto stiff paper and laminated as a reusable wipe-clean resource. place_value_charts.pdf

Curriculum references
Mathematics – KS2:
Ma2 2c, i

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