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Aims and objectives
This is a set of activities plus supporting worksheets and web-links which guide pupils from the basic concepts of fractions to Level 4. The aims of these activities are as booster sessions to help pupils achieve Level 4 SATS results.

Previous knowledge
Recent research has shown that Fractions is one of the topic areas where Year 5 and 6 pupils could benefit from additional support in order to achieve Level 4 in SATS. Although the target audience is upper KS2, the progressive structure of these activities make it an ideal environment for introducing concepts and then developing pupils’ understanding of fractions from early KS1 onwards.

In the classroom
This set of booster activities starts with the basic concepts of fractions working through a staged process ending with activities equivalent to Level 4. Teachers are able to access the activity at any point depending on the ability of the pupil and their specific needs. As such, the resource lends itself for individual or small group work and supports differentiation.

Used with an interactive whiteboard, the resource can be used for whole class teaching where the development of fractions from concept onwards, rather than as a targeted booster activity, are the aims.

Additional materials are provided within the activity that support reinforcement as well as enable opportunities for extension work and home learning:

· Problem Solving Activities
· Fraction Wall
· Slicing Shapes
· What's the Fraction?
· Numerators and Denominators

In addition to the printable worksheets, there are a number of carefully selected web links which reinforce teaching and learning. All these support materials are contained within the activity and can be accessed from the main menu.

Curriculum references
Mathematics – KS2:
Ma2 d, e, f, g, h

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