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Aims and objectives
This is a booster activity aimed at developing pupil skills in performing calculations using money. The activity starts with the concepts of money and guides pupils to Level 4 SATs standards.

Previous knowledge
Although this resource covers concepts to Level 4, pupils will get the best from the activities if they have already had some teaching and learning relating to mathematical operations and be familiar with money and its notation. The resource is a ‘booster’ activity aimed at pupils in years 5 and 6 that need that extra bit of help to meet Government targets.

In the classroom
This is an activity plus supporting worksheets and web-links, which guide pupils from the basic concepts of money to Level 4. Recent research has shown that Money is one of the topic areas where Yr 5 and 6 pupils could benefit from additional support in order to achieve Level 4 SATS results. The aim of this activity is as a booster session to help pupils succeed. Additional materials are provided, based on previous years’ SATS papers, that support reinforcement as well as enable opportunities for extension work and home learning.

To play the game pupils have to answer the multiplication questions as quickly as they can and save as much money as they can. The winner is the one who has saved the most money by the end of the game. Pupils can play the game with a friend or test their wits against the computer!

The activity can be used successfully for larger groups of children with an interactive whiteboard. Pupils will be able to enter into discussion about the choices being made allowing teachers to assess and talk about the different strategies that the children adopt to answer the questions. Used this way the activity can be an engaging way to start a lesson or as a support to the plenary session at the end of a lesson.

Support materials description: Resource:
There is a wealth of activities, resources and web links etc. to accompany this activity. In addition, there are 5 sets of worksheets with 18 differentiated sections together with answer sheets and detailed teacher/curriculum notes for using the resource in the classroom. Worksheets

Curriculum references
Mathematics – KS2:
Ma2 1a, e; 2a, c, i; 3f, h; 4a

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