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Aims and objectives
The ‘Virtual Keyboard’ provides an engaging introduction to composition and elements of music theory (scales and chords) where a quick review is preferable to setting up a number of keyboards in the classroom.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required to explore the resource however a basic understanding of music helps students get started more quickly.

In the classroom
This activity supports the 'composing and appraising skills' aspect of the Music Programme of Study. The sounds created by the keyboard have been sampled to provide realistic representations of the different instruments.

Select an instrument, drum pattern or chord mode to explore the sounds then click on the 'piano' keys to listen to the sounds. Click the 'Instructions' button on the keyboard to get further help.

This resource comes into its own when used with an interactive whiteboard for the teaching of basic music theory, especially blending notes to make chords.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The worksheet contains illustrated images of musical notation overlaid on a piano keyboard, the scale of C major and a simplified keyboard with the natural notes overlaid. These can be printed onto stiff paper, laminated and used for either display or for student reference. virtual_keyboard.pdf

Curriculum references
Music – KS1:
1b; 2a-b; 4c

Music – KS2:
1b; 2b; 3a; 4c; 5d

Music – KS3:
4c; 5d

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