Road Safety Crossword

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Aims and objectives
The online crossword is a fun way to introduce children to road safety issues, in particular those relating to cycling.

Previous knowledge
No real previous knowledge is required although familiarity with the Green Cross Code and basic road safety would be useful.

In the classroom
The crossword can be played online by solving a clue, clicking on the scratchpad icon and typing the letters into the space provided. (The notepad can be moved out of the way by dragging and dropping.) Answers are then checked and inserted into the crossword by clicking on the 'check' button. Full instructions are given at the start of the activity.

Although this resource is intended for single users or small groups working collaboratively, the activity can be used with larger groups of children with an interactive whiteboard. This approach will allow teachers to use the crossword clues to stimulate class discussion to identify the answers before selecting children to enter the words.

Support materials description: Resource:
This is a support activity for the ‘Road Safety Wordsearch’ activity. worksheet.pdf

Curriculum references
PSHE & Citizenship – KS2:
3e, f

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