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Aims and objectives
This activity shows how a School Council can be organised. The process is aimed at children and provides an empowering approach to the notions of active democracy.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required but should be teacher led as part of the Citizenship curriculum rather than as an independent activity.

In the classroom
A school council is an ideal opportunity for pupils to get more involved in the way a school is run. They are made up in a number of different ways but usually have representatives from each class r year who have to be voted in by other pupils. It is the responsibility of each councillor to ensure that they express both their own views and the views of all the other pupils they represent.

A school council will benefit the whole school, pupils and teachers. It will provide opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings to teachers and staff as well as influence decisions that are made.

It starts with the online production of a letter to the class teacher asking for valued consideration to be given to the launch of a council. This document can then provide a stimulating resource for a class debate as to the merits of a council. As the process progresses, further forms and documents can be obtained from the activity to guide staff and children through the procedures.

The activity is based on the Save the Children book, 'The School Council', the full version of which is available by completing the order form found from within the activity in the 'Acknowledgements' section.

Support materials description: Resources type:
The school_council.pdf contains a printable summary of The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This can be used as a reference source or as a small group or whole class discussion document. school_council.pdf

Curriculum references
PSHE & Citizenship – KS2:
1a, c; 2a, b, d, f, h; 3f, g; 4a; 5a, c, e, h

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