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'Question of Religion'

The aim of the activity is to work your way around the board by rolling a dice, answering questions and collecting religious artefacts. To complete each activity should take about 15 minutes.

The first thing to do is to enter your name and choose a faith (you can change your mind by using the back button). This is the faith that you will need to collect artefacts for.

Clicking the play button starts the activity.

Click on the dice to move round the board. There are symbols for each of the six faiths. When you land on a symbol you will be asked a question about that faith. If your answer is correct you will receive a point for that faith. If the question relates to your chosen faith and you get it right then you will receive a coloured segment in your artefacts collection. You will need to think quickly as there is a time limit for each question!

Continue to travel around the board, answering questions and collecting artefacts. The activity is complete when you have collected all 6 artefacts for your chosen faith. Your artefacts will be displayed and you can then find out more information about them.

Content Designed By: Aimee Dyke, Vanessa Pounder and Katy Rigley