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Aims and objectives
This resource provides both teachers and students with a basic introduction to the six main faiths in terms of the principles of the faith and its associated artefacts.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required.

In the classroom
Sacred Sites allows you to enter a place of worship and find out all about the artefacts you are likely to encounter. You can choose any place of worship from the six major faiths. They are:

· Buddhism
· Christianity
· Hinduism
· Islam
· Judaism
· Sikhism

This activity is an excellent overview of artefacts found in a variety of places of worship. Entering the activity allows you to chose a place of worship. Introductory text explains the basis of the chosen faith while clicking the artefact button displays a series of religious objects together with descriptions about their significance and usage.

The resource provides a useful introduction for students wishing to visit a place of worship. Included with the description of each faith is a short ‘Rules of etiquette’ paragraph to ensure that visitors are respectful when entering the building.

Curriculum references
As this is an RE resource, there are no curriculum references for this activity. Teachers will need to relate the learning objectives to their own LEA’s agreed syllabus as appropriate.

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