The Battle of Bosworth

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Aims and objectives
This activity will help students understand the events leading up to The Battle of Bosworth in 1485 and how the outcomes of the battle changed the face of British history.

Previous knowledge
Although there are included substantial contextual and background notes relating to the Wars of the Roses, it is recommended that students undertake some preparatory classroom work first. Some of the research links in the activity might help with this.

In the classroom
This activity supports the teaching of Unit 8 of the History National Curriculum: Britain 1066-1500. Evidence and research material is presented in a way which pupils can develop their historical skills.

There are many conflicting views and opinions regarding the 'truth' of this particular historical event and so the activity makes an engaging framework for pupils to interpret bias and decide fact from fiction. In the activities they are encouraged to look at evidence and events from differing perspectives and then use their imagination to reconstruct alternative views.

In addition to all the evidence and research material, there are suggested activities which can either be used as homework projects or as classroom based activities.

If used with an interactive whiteboard, this resource can stimulate excellent class discussions regarding the interpretation of history. When the battle unit is played students can openly discuss the available options and model outcomes based on decisions taken. Replaying this unit and choosing different options allows students to ‘change history’ and challenge historical assumptions/preconceptions.

Support materials description:  
Support materials such as classroom ideas and additional activities are integrated into the resource and accessible via the ‘Activities’ link.

Curriculum references
History – KS3:
1; 2c, e; 3a-b; 4a-b; 5c; 7a-c; 8

Acknowledgement for the development of this activity goes to Tony Meechan, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Central England. Thanks also go to Leicester City Council, in particular Richard Mackinder, a Ranger from the Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre & Country Park for supplying additional information and allowing access to the battlefield site.

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