Sacred Places

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Aims and objectives
This resource provides both teachers and students with a basic introduction to the six main faiths in terms of the principles of the faith and its associated place of worship.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required.

In the classroom
This is a tour around some of the more significant places of worship in Birmingham. All the major faiths are included and can be accessed by clicking on the map. Surrounding the map are the six symbols representing the six faiths. Clicking on a symbol will open up additional information about that faith.

The Sacred Places area has been developed to provide an introductory resource to the diversity of the six main faiths:

· Buddhism
· Christianity
· Hinduism
· Islam
· Judaism
· Sikhism

The site is presented in 'map form' with significant sites of faith identified. Clicking on a site location will launch a combination of text and imagery associated to that place of worship. The texts contain background information relating to the faith and the religious building.

Surrounding the 'map' are the six religious symbols. Clicking on a symbol will open further information about that specific faith providing useful details about its basic beliefs, sacred texts and religious observances.

Support materials description: Resources type:
These worksheets detail different items associated with each religion. Christianity.pdf

Curriculum references
As this is an RE resource, there are no curriculum references for this activity. Teachers will need to relate the learning objectives to their own LEA’s agreed syllabus as appropriate.

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