Cells - A Life Processes and Living Things Crossword

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Aims and objectives
This crossword is a fun way of testing your knowledge about cells and different kinds of organ.

In the classroom
The activity can be used to reinforce students' knowledge and understanding of different types of cell and their structures. The crossword familiarises pupils with scientific terminology based on the Science Key Stage 3 programme of study 'Life Process and Living Things: Cells and cell functions'.

The crossword can be played online by solving a clue, clicking on the scratchpad icon and typing the letters into the space provided. Answers are then checked and inserted into the crossword by clicking on the 'check' button. Full instructions are given at the start of the activity.

Support materials description: Resource type:
A worksheet contains a version of the crossword that can be printed from the file for multiple/classroom use. Worksheet.pdf

Curriculum references
Science – KS3:
Sc2; 1a, b, c, d, e

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