The Tooth Fairy

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Aims and objectives
This ‘Big Book’ was developed and created by pupils to support shared/group reading for text level work.

Previous knowledge
As a shared reading activity children should either have basic reading skills or be supported by a reader.

In the classroom
These pages can be used for shared/group reading activities, specifically text level work. The format follows that of a 'Big Book' where the text is supported by complementary pictures. The reading comprehension questions at the end of the book are intended as speaking and listening activities to support and extend understanding and develop vocabulary. They also form useful prompts for extended writing development as shared or group activities.

Making books in the classroom is a popular and valuable experience. This story was written by a Year 4 pupil for the Reception class at her school. The finished books were read to the younger children and then, after laminating, formed part of their class library. This process encouraged older children to consider their audience when practicing their creative and extended writing skills. Extensions to the activity can include making different sorts of books such as books with pop-ups, hidden windows, zigzags or cut-out shapes. This links in with the programmes of study for Design & Technology.

The activity works well if used by small numbers of children as a group reading exercise or, if an interactive whiteboard is available, for whole class teaching.

Support materials description: Resource type:
The Tooth_Fairy.pdf contains a printable, illustrated version of the story. Tooth_fairy.pdf

Curriculum references
English – KS1:
En1 2b, c, d, e; 3a, b; 8a, b
En2 1c, f, g, l, m; 3a, b, c; 4
En3 1a, c, e, f; 2a-d; 4c, d, e; 9b; 12

English – KS2:
En3 1a, c, e; 2a-f; 5a-b; 9a; 11; 12

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