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Aims and objectives
This activity lets you make a weather record for each day of the week.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge is required for this activity

In the classroom
The activity can be used as a daily record in the classroom to build up a picture of weather patterns. The information can be printed out for display purposes and used for data handling activities in either numeracy, science or geography based topics.

Used with an interactive whiteboard, pupils can be encouraged to talk about the weather and the days of the week then, by taking turns around the class, be asked to set and print the weather chart for that day. The printouts can then be used for display purposes to show how the weather changes over a period of time. This rudimentary data can then be used to create simple, additional charts and graphs as an introduction to data handling.

Support materials description: Resource type:
The Today_is.pdf contains a blank version of the weather page. This can be printed onto stiff paper and laminated to create a permanent resource. In addition, the worksheet contains the days of the week, weather symbols and weather types. These can also be laminated and cut-out to create a useful classroom resource. Today_is.pdf

Curriculum references
Foundation Stage:
Early learning goals for language for communication
Early learning goals for language for linking sounds and letters
Early learning goals for language for exploration and investigation

English – KS1:
En2 1f

Geography – KS1:
1a, b; 2a, b; 4a

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