Tidy the Classroom
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Aims and objectives
This activity can be used to develop children's 'mouse skills' and enhance their hand/eye co-ordination.

Previous knowledge
Although the activity is intuitive, additional 'help' instructions are available by rolling over the different objects in the room.

In the classroom
The opening screen provides an area where children can practice their 'single' and double clicking' skills as well as 'dragging and dropping' before moving on to the activity itself. The objective of the activity is for the child to tidy up a messy classroom. There are a number of tasks which can be completed in any order. Rolling over the objects in the classroom displays a prompt as to the mouse action required (single/double-click or drag and drop).

It is suggested that the first time this activity is used with children that they are accompanied by an adult (or a more experienced person) to help the child understand what they need to do and to help with their basic skills. Once this has been done, children can work independently to develop their own mouse and hand/eye skills.

Curriculum references
Foundation Stage:
Early learning goals for language for information and communication technology

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