Counting Using Money

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Aims and objectives
Pupils will be able to count money up to 10p and pay an exact sum.  They will begin to use and understand the vocabulary related to money. 

Previous knowledge
Pupils are able to count to 10 in ones. They know the value of 1p coins. They use coins in role play to pay and give change.

In the classroom
The activity starts with a number of coins on the left hand side of the screen and six price tags on the right. The pupil counts the coins and clicks on the appropriate price tag. If they are correct, they receive praise and move onto the next question. If they are incorrect, they are encouraged to try again. Pupils making lots of incorrect choices are advised to ask someone for help. At the end of the activity, the pupil is given their score. The higher the score, the more praise they receive.

Although this activity functions well with children working independently, using it with an electronic whiteboard allows for larger group work or whole class involvement. The teacher can encourage a child to approach the whiteboard to answer the questions while the rest of the class help by counting out loud. This ‘guided peer support’ adds more involvement to the learning by engaging the whole class collaboratively.

Support materials description: Resource type:
The first worksheet, How_much.pdf, reinforces the activity. Pupils are asked to count given amounts of coins and write "How much?" How_much.pdf
The second worksheet, Draw_coins.pdf, asks the child to draw the coins required to pay for different amounts. Using the same skills in a different way provides a useful tool for assessment. Draw_coins.pdf
The final worksheet, How_much_2.pdf, extends the task. Pupils are asked to add two items together to find the total. How_much_2.pdf

Curriculum references
Foundation Stage – Early Learning Goals:

  • Say and use the number names in order in familiar contexts
  • Count reliably up to 10 everyday objects
  • Recognise numerals 1 to 9
  • In practical activities and discussion, begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting
  • Find one more or one less than a number from 1 to 10
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