Guess My Number 1 to 10

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Aims and objectives
Pupils will understand and use the vocabulary of comparing and ordering numbers. They will develop problem solving skills and begin to reason about numbers up to 10.

Previous knowledge
Pupils can count to 10. They can to count on and back in ones. They can order numbers to 10 and they have some understanding of the vocabulary involved.

In the classroom
The pupil is asked to type in a number between 1 and 10. Depending on the number they have typed in, the pupil is told whether their guess was too low or too high. The pupil can guess as many times as they like but the number of guesses is recorded. The pupil is then motivated to find the number in as few guesses as possible.

The activity is intended to be used as a short Numeracy game rather than the content of a lesson. For this reason there are no supporting materials. However, because the game is likely to prove to be popular amongst pupils, why not have a whole class game during a mental maths session? Using an interactive whiteboard, pupils can try and guess the number and take it in turns to touch the screen and announce the results to the rest of the class.

Curriculum references
Foundation Stage – Early Learning Goals:

  • Say and use the number names in order in familiar contexts
  • Count reliably up to 10 everyday objects
  • Recognise numerals 1 to 9
  • Use language such as more or less, greater or smaller, heavier or lighter, to compare two numbers or qualities
  • In practical activities and discussion, begin to use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting
  • Use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems

Key Stage 1 - Numeracy Strategy:

  • Use mental strategies to solve simple problems using counting, addition, subtraction, doubling, halving, explaining methods and reasoning orally
  • Know by heart all addition and subtraction facts for each number to at least 10
  • Know and use halving as the inverse of doubling
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