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Aims and objectives
This resource contains a number of literacy as well as geography-based activities. The literacy aims are to familiarise pupils with book structures (ordering of index, glossary and contents pages), punctuation, captions and capitalisation. The main text and images in the book support the geography curriculum through knowledge and understanding of places and localities (in a country that is less economically developed).

Previous knowledge
Pupils should be familiar with basic book structure (contents pages, main body of the text, glossary and index) and simple grammatical/punctuation rules although the resource and accompanying activities could support pupil development for those with little or no previous knowledge.

In the classroom
The text has been made as big as possible to allow the book to be used as a shared reading activity between two or three pupils at a terminal or, preferably, with an interactive whiteboard to involve the whole class. The photographs that are used to illustrate the book may appear to be quite small, however, if you click on the image a full-sized version will appear. Clicking on the large image will return you to the page. This should enable the children to observe detail in the photographs and lead to interesting discussion.

To navigate through the book forwards, backwards or from page to page click on the bottom right or left corner of the page. Alternatively, going to either the contents, index, or glossary pages provides direct links to the different sections. Some of the less common words are linked to a glossary where the children can read further information about that word. Clicking on the word in the glossary takes you back to originating page. The text on the index page at the end of the book is linked to all the relevant pages of the book.

At the end of the book, the activities section will open. All the activities are interactive in that they are completed by clicking the mouse to solve the questions whilst 'online'. Electronic feedback on progress is instant. The literacy activities at the end of the book are as follows:

Indexing - A selection of words are presented which need to be placed in alphabetical order into an index. The activity has several levels of difficulty allowing for differentiation.

Capitalisation - A selection of pages are presented in lower case lettering. The object is to identify which words should be capitalised and then by clicking on the letters re-punctuate the text.

Question Marks - A selection of pages are presented with full stops instead of question marks. The object is to identify which sentences are questions and then by clicking on the full stops re-punctuate the text.

Captions - A variety of images taken from the book are presented with alternative captions from which to choose the most appropriate.

Support materials description: Resource type:
The following worksheets contains high quality A4 images taken from the resource and are suitable for printing onto card ready for laminating. These laminates can then be used in either literacy of geography lessons to stimulate group or whole class discussion or a variety of writing activities. They can also be used to support classroom displays.
Local people selling pottery by the side of the main river in Sylhet. Bangladesh_Pottery.pdf
Local children outside a makeshift house. Bangladesh_Children.pdf
A colourful rickshaw in the main streets of Sylhet. Bangladesh_Rickshaw.pdf
A farmer sows rice in a paddy field. Bangladesh_Paddy_Field.pdf
The start of the monsoon in Bangladesh and the first of the floods arrive. Bangladesh_Flooding.pdf
Children heard ducks along the main road to Sylhet. Bangladesh_Ducks.pdf
A fishing boat on the floodplain. Bangladesh_Fishing_Boat.pdf

Curriculum references
English – KS2:
En1 3a, b
En2 3c, d, e; 5e, f; 9b
En3 3
This activity has been designed to cover the National Literacy Strategy requirements.

Geography – KS2:
2d, f; 3b, f, g; 6b, c

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