Telling the time - on the half hour

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Aims and objectives
Pupils will be able to read the time to the half hour (half past). They will begin to understand and use the vocabulary related to time.

Previous knowledge
Pupils are aware of the passing of time and some of the related vocabulary. They can sequence familiar events and know the days of the week and the seasons of the year. They can read analogue time to the hour.

In the classroom
Four clocks are shown on the right hand side of the screen. Each clock shows a different time. The correct time is shown on the left hand side of the screen. Pupils have to click on the clock that shows the correct time. If they are correct, they receive praise and move onto the next question. If they are incorrect, they are encouraged to try again. Pupils making lots of incorrect choices are advised to ask someone for help.

At the end of the activity, the pupil is given their score. The higher the score, the more praise they receive.

Using this activity with an interactive whiteboard for large group or whole class teaching can extend the teaching and learning opportunities by allowing teacher led discussion about the different clock faces as each question is answered. For example, the teacher could ask the children to identify the times shown by the different clocks and ask them to talk about what happens at those times during the day i.e. at 7:30 I get out of bed, at 8:30 I get ready to go to school, at 4:30 I have my tea etc.

Support materials description: Resource type:
The first worksheet can be used to introduce or reinforce the activity. Pupils are asked to tell the time shown on each clock face. Half1.pdf
The second worksheet asks the pupils to draw the hands on the clocks. This will help to assess their understanding. It is also a good opportunity to reinforce the difference between the minute and hour hands. Half2.pdf
The third worksheet introduces the digital clock and asks pupils to match digital and analogue time. Half3.pdf

Curriculum references
Key Stage 1 - Numeracy Strategy:

  • Understand and use the vocabulary related to time
  • Read the time to the hour or half hour on analogue clocks
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