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Numeracy problems to solve for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Key Stage 1     Solve it...!     
Some puzzles for you to solve!

Which are the numbers you can make be throwing 2 dice (1 to 6) and adding to the numbers you get?
Try the same activity with 2 different dice.
You can use the dice on the Interactive Lighthouse.
Click here for them

Start at 1 and keep doubling. Will you ever reach 400?

How many ears would 50 children have?

How many toes would 100 children have?

a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, d = 4 and so on.
'dab' is worth 4 and 1 and 2, which is 7
How much is your name worth?
Whose name in your family is worth the most?
Whose name in your family is worth the least?

Key Stage 2     Solve it...!     The Price of TV

Your parents would like you to watch less television so they have struck a deal with you. They give you £10 at the beginning of the week. They allow you to watch one hour of television every day for free. For every half hour you watch past that you must pay half of your remaining money. When you have spent all of the £10 you must turn off the television for the rest of the week.

How many hours of television can you watch in a week? This table may help:

Starting amount Extra (hrs.) TV watched Money left
£10 ½


An extra task
Think of how much television you watch. Would you have any money left? What would you spend it on.

Key Stage 3     Solve it...!     Eight's a Crowd!

Sam is preparing a four-course meal for a party of eight people. Read the menu on the right and the information below, which will help her plan and cost the meal.

Sam's Bistro Special Menu
¼ Melon
Dover sole in butter
lamb cutlets, new potatoes,
carrots and green beans
Fresh fruit salad

Big Ginger's Fruit Stall
Melons! only 99p each!
oranges, fresh and juicy! 28p each
Dessert apples £1.85 per kg.( average 3 per kg)
Bananas £1.45 per kg ( average 4 per kg)
New season strawberries! £1.65 per kg
Seedless grapes! The Best! £2.30 per kg
Lemons 32p each

Cornwall Trawlers
Cod £4.79 per kg
Haddock £4.21 per kg
Sole £6.26 per kg
Halibut £7.56 per kg
(allow 200g per person)
Home Farm Shop
New pots £1.01 per kg
Broccoli £1.85 per kg
Carrots 84p per kg
Asparagus £5.57 per kg
Green beans £3.77 per kg
(allow 150g per veg per person)

Sam, the butcher rang. He's got lamb cutlets at £1.18 a go. Reckons you'll need two per person.

Aunt Mildred's old-fashioned Fruit Salad
(Serves 6)
2 dessert apples
3 oranges
100g seedless grapes
250g strawberries
2 bananas
Juice of half a lemon

How much will the melon starter cost for the whole party?
How much will the separate fish and meat courses cost?
How much will the fruit salad cost?

Now that Sam has worked out what each course will cost to buy, she can calculate the total cost of the meal for eight.
a) What will the total be?
b) What will each of the courses cost pr person?

An extra task
The cost of running the restaurant and paying staff, as well as the cost of the food, needs to be covered by the prices actually charged, with a profit on top of that.

a) How much would YOU charge for each item on the menu?
b) What would the full meal cost each person in the group at your prices?


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These problems were sourced by
North East Lincolnshire's Numeracy Team

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