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Numeracy problems to solve for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Key Stage 1     Solve it...!    Rainbow Riddle

Wesley has designed a multi-coloured logo. The printers have told him that no coloured square can share a side with its neighbour in the rainbow.

Use the numbers or colours to show how the design can be coloured in . Is there more than one way?

1 = red
2 = orange
3 = yellow
4 = green
5 = blue
6 = indigo
7 = violet
8 = black





An Extra Task
What if no colour could even touch its neighbour at a corner?
Show how the design could be done then.

Key Stage 2 & 3    Solve it...! 
The Hungry Spider

A spider is in the top corner (A) of a rectangular room, 10m long, 5m wide and 3m high. The spider spots a tasty snack in the furthest corner of the room at (G).

What is the shortest distance the spider could travel along the edges of the room to claim its prize?

An extra task
If the spider can walk diagonally across walls and ceilings, is there a more direct route? Can you show your routes on a scaled net?



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These problems were sourced by North East Lincolnshire's Numeracy Team

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