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Numeracy problems to solve for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Key Stage 1  Solve it...!    
Think of a number

Can you work out what numbers these children are thinking of?



Key Stage 2 & 3    Solve it...!    

Have you tried the latest craze? These puzzles are great for developing logical thinking! The aim is to fill the grid with numbers so that every row and column contains the digits 1 to 6. Each number must appear once in each 3 x 2 ‘box’ too.

Try these ones first to practise.

These Sudokus contain all the numbers from 1 to 8 in each row and each column. The numbers must only appear once in each 2 x 4 block also. Good luck!

Can you make any of your own? Try them out on your friends.


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These problems were sourced by North East Lincolnshire's Numeracy Team
With Special thanks to 'Mathematical Snacks' by Jon Millington

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