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Numeracy problems to solve for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Key Stage 1     Solve it...!    
Can I go roller blading?

Your friend has invited you to go roller balding for two hours on Saturday. Your mum says you can go if you can fit it in, as your family will be very busy on Saturday. You are wondering if there is enough time to go roller blading.

The list for Saturday:
Activity Time or Duration
Wake up
Get washed/ dressed
Swimming lesson
Clean bedroom
Granny's house
(30 minutes)
(30 minutes)
10.00am (1 Hour)
(30 minutes)
(1 hour 30 minutes - It must be a mess!)
5.00pm (3 hours)
8.30 pm

Make a time plan of your day to find out whether you can go roller blading with your friend and when you can go.

An extra task
There is some spare time on Saturday. Plan what else you might do. Think about when and how long these extra activities would take.

Key Stage 2 & 3    Solve it...! 
Choices, Choices
(different questions for each Key Stage)

The school canteen serves many children. So as not to bore them with the same menu all of the time, the cook devised a plan which would ensure that no two meals should repeat themselves often. She saw each meal as consisting of 4 parts: potatoes or equivalent, meat or fish, a vegetable,and a pudding. She makes her choices from the following lists:

Potatoes or equivalent: Meat/fish: Vegetables: Pudding:
mashed potatoes
beef burgers
sweet corn
baked beans
ice cream
treacle sponge

Key Stage 2 Questions
What could be the meal for each day in the first week? Remember the menu cannot be the same.

An extra task
Devise a menu for week 2 and week 3, again where no previous menus are repeated.

Key Stage 3 Questions
If on day one the meal served is chips, chicken, peas and ice cream, then on day two the menu will be the next item on each list. What will be the menu on the 6th day and the 7th day?

An extra task
How many days is it until an identical meal is served?


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These problems were sourced by North East Lincolnshire's Numeracy Team

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