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Literacy problems to solve for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Key Stage 1          Wordswork!

Print off the page and cut out the pieces, or tear a sheet of paper into 12 pieces and write one of the letters on each one. Now place the golden 'o' in the middle and see how many 3-letter words you can make by adding 2 other letters for example 'rob'. Can you find 10? It might help to write them down.

Key Stage 2          Wordswork!

Here are some word-shadows. Can you work out what each word should be? They are all parts of the body.

Key Stage 3           Wordswork!

Sentence card game

How to play
The aim of the game is to complete sentences.
A sentence consists of four cards, A,B,C,D.
The cards in a sentence must always be laid down in the order A,B,C,D.

  1. Print out the blank cards from here and put four aside. Deal the remaining cards equally between the players.
  2. The player who has the card A1 starts the game by placing the cards face up on the table to start a sentence.
  3. The next player can either play any B card to continue the sentence, or they can use an A card to start a new sentence. If they cannot play they miss a turn.
  4. Each following player can continue one of the existing sentences, or start a new sentence with an A card. If they cannot play they miss their turn.
  5. If a player plays a card next to a card with the same number, e.g. C2 following B2, they get an extra turn.
  6. The winner is the first player to set down all their cards.

Click here for the cards


Wordswork was from North East Lincolnshire's Literacy Team


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